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Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy applies to all members of Virtual Organisation, hereafter referred to as the VO, with reference to use of the LCG/EGEE Grid infrastructure, hereafter referred to as the Grid.
The VO management owns and gives authority to this policy.

Goal and description of the VO:
The Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) collaboration operates the GLAST satellite. The collaboration is international, composed of members of research institutions and universities of U.S.A, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, and Japan. The satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral on June 11, 2008. On board of GLAST there are two scientific experiments. The Large Area Telescope will detect gamma-rays in the energy range from 20 MeV to 300 GeV, with very good position resolution (<10 arcmins), and an energy resolution in the range of 10%. Complementary, the GLAST Burst Monitor is sensitive in the range from 8 keV to 25 MeV. Together, they cover 25 octaves of the electromagnetic spectrum, with large angular acceptances.

High energy gamma-rays are tracers of the most extreme environments in the universe. Objects on the list to study are: gamma-ray bursts, active galactic nuclei, solar flares, and pulsars, pulsar wind nebulae, and supernova remnants. Moreover, GLAST could resolve the nature of dark matter, and is sensitive to effects proposed by theories extending the standard model of particle physics, like quantum-gravity.

Members and Managers of the VO agree to be bound by the Grid Acceptable Usage Rules, VO Security Policy and other relevant Grid Policies, and to use the Grid only in the furtherance of the stated goal of the VO.

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Max used physical non-swap i386 memory size 1024
Max used physical non-swap x86_64 memory size 1024
Max size of scratch space used by jobs 100
Max time of job execution 2880
Job wall clock time limit 4320

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Francesco Longo /C=IT/O=INFN/OU=Personal Certificate/L=Trieste/CN=Francesco Longo VO MANAGER
Michael Kuss /DC=org/DC=terena/DC=tcs/C=IT/O=Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare/CN=Michael Kuss First VO Manager VO MANAGER

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