General information

Name magic
Scope Global
Status Production
Validation date 2011-05-30
  • Natural Sciences
    • Physical sciences
      • Astronomy global
      • Astroparticle physics global
      • Astrophysics global
      • High energy physics global
      • Particle physics global
      • Physics global
      • Space science global
Supported services
  • gLite
Enrollment Url
Homepage Url
Support Procedure Url
GGUS dedicated user support Yes
VOMS setup support No


Acceptable Use Policy


Acknowledgments Statement

No Acknowledgment Statement


Max used physical non-swap i386 memory size 1024
Max used physical non-swap x86_64 memory size 1024
Max size of scratch space used by jobs 0
Max time of job execution 5000
Job wall clock time limit 0
number cores
min number cores :
pref number cores :
max number cores :
number of ram
min number ram :
pref number ram :
max number ram :
scratch space values
min scratch space values :
pref scratch space values :
max scratch space values :

Cloud Resources

CPU Core
VM Ram
Storage Size

Other requirements

Generic contacts

Full Name DN Email Comment Profile
Neissner Christian /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=pic/CN=christian.neissner VO MANAGER
Jose Luis Contreras /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ucm/CN=JoseLuis-Contreras VO MANAGER
Roger Firpo /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=pic/CN=roger.firpo VO MANAGER

Mailing List

VO Managers
User Support
VO Users

VOMS information

Detail Hostname Certificate expiration Https port Vomses port Hosted by Admin server Url access Sat Feb 01 13:00:00 CET 2020 8443 15003 pic 200: OK Sat Feb 01 13:00:00 CET 2020 8443 15003 pic 200: OK

Groups and Roles

Group/Role Type Description VO share(%) User for account generation
/magic/Role=lcgadmin Software Installation 0
/magic/Role=magicdata Data analysis 0
/magic/Role=magicmc MC production 0
/magic/Role=magicsoft Software Installation 10
/magic/montecarlo/Role=production Production role for MonteCarlo generation tasks 60
/magic/datacenter/Role=production Production role for the data analysis and management in the data center 10
/magic Plain user 20