Resources Summary Services Details for Operations Center NGI_BG

If a site provided the same values for different Computing Elements only one of them will be counted and the duplicated CE will be marked with **
Service GLUE2 Execution Environment GLUE2 Computing Manager GLUE2 Benchmark
Cores Logical CPUs Physical CPUs Total Instances CPUScalingReferenceSI00 Logical CPUs Physical CPUs Benchmark Computation Power
cr1.ipp.acad.bg_ComputingElement 16.00 576 36 36 2500 0.0 0.0 hep-spec06 : 10
specint2000 : 2500

Service Capacity Storage

Service Free Storage - Online Used Storage - Online Total Storage - Online Free Storage - Nearline Used Storage - Nearline Total Storage - Nearline

Service Share Storage

Service StorageShareCapacity Online Storage StorageShareCapacity Nearline Storage Data Store
Free Size Used Size Total Size Free Size Used Size Total Size Free Size Used Size Total Size

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